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Experience, Efficiency and Satisfaction Guaranteed in Every Project, Big or Small from handyman services

We are your one-stop solution for all handyman services needs. With a team of highly qualified and experienced experts, we are here to help you keep your home in pristine condition. From small repairs to full remodeling projects, we’ve got you covered!



Our professional and insured handyman can get the job done right and on time. From door installations to smart home products, we do it all.



We provide a one-call solution to any of your residential or commercial repair needs. Drywall, sticky doors, wood rot or trim. We will make it look like new.



We provide regular maintenance solutions to help you protect your investment. Window caulking to replacing smoke detectors.



Prep your house for sale or transform your new house into a home. One call can cover it all. From ceiling fans, to custom walls



Our highly skilled carpenters can help you bring a new smile to your home with a custom door installation or repair.

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With 1000’s of assemblies under our belt, from any and all manufacturers. Our technicians can make it appear in a flash, from Ikea to custom.

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Furniture Assembly

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Drywall Repair

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Door Installation

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Window Installation

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Light Fixture Installation

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Plumbing Repairs

Electrical Repairs

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Painting Services

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Carpentry Services

Tile Installation

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Flooring Installation

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Deck Building

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Alfredo Davila
Alfredo Davila
Los recomiendo ampliamente. Saben hacer el trabajo de calidad y son puntuales.
Jose Manzano
Jose Manzano
Me ayudaron con mi roof y la aseguranza. Me repararon mis daños de sheetrock
Alma Sanchez
Alma Sanchez
me ayudaron con mi techo y la verdad estoy muy contenta con el trabajo. los recomiendo ampliamente.
Alejandro Huerta
Alejandro Huerta
Excelente trabajo realizado. Me ayudaron a poner un shed desde cero y me ayudaron con mi roof de mi casa por medio de la aseguran. Muy agradecido
Mary Amerson
Mary Amerson
Put a piece of furniture together right before Christmas and worked with my schedule. Very helpful, considerate and kind. I highly recommend Home Quality Solutions.
Adam Florez
Adam Florez
Thanks to Joseph, I got a new roof under one day. With almost no cost to me and a better job done than the last company who installed it. Thank you Joseph and Javier for taking care of my home.
uriel contreras
uriel contreras
Me ayudaron a cambiar mi roof y arreglaron mi siding y repararon todos los problemas que tenía en mi casa. Los recomiendo ampliamente
Jessy Osorio
Jessy Osorio
Excelente servicio los recomiendo ampliamente
Catalina Otarola
Catalina Otarola
I requested a roofing service cause I had a leak inside of my house. I called home quality solucions because I had seen their reviews previously and they did an amazing job. Isaac and Joseph are very trustworthy and great professionals. If you’re looking for great service I would highly recommend them!
Eliasar Marin
Eliasar Marin
Muy agradecido con el trabajo que me hicieron, realmente los recomiendo!! El servicio y la atención brindada por Isaac Motola fue excelente!! 100% Reliable, trustable and professional.


Home Quality Solutions is dedicated to enhancing the integrity and longevity of residential roofs through meticulous repair and replacement services. We excel in residential roof maintenance, repair, and consultation. Whether it’s fixing leaks, replacing damaged shingles, or providing insightful advice on optimizing your roof’s performance, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled quality and reliability for your home. Trust Home Quality Solutions for all your roofing needs, ensuring your home remains safeguarded against the elements with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Mission HQS Roof Company

Our mission is dedicated to delivering transparent assessments, empowering you to make informed decisions about your roof's needs. We are committed to preserving the integrity of your home, striving to maintain its aesthetic appeal and structural soundness for many years to come.

What is Our Core Values

Home Quality Solutions is the roof repair company that believes in quality and service. We specialize in all aspects of roofing, from a leaking gutter to a new installation.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Home Quality Solutions, our commitment goes beyond providing the finest roofing services in Dallas. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Excellence in Dallas Home Services

Explore our top quality services, from roofing to windows, designed to elevate your Dallas home.

We use only the best materials and our team of skilled professionals have years of experience in the industry.

We also offer a wide range of other home improvement services, so if you need any help with your home, we're the company to call.

20% Off Hardwood Floor Installation in DFW.Wood Floor Refinishing. Wood Floor Installation. 20% Off Installation.

We use only the best materials and our team of skilled professionals have years of experience in the industry.

Commercial painting services, and no job is too small or too large for our family-owned business to handle!.

Protect your yard, enjoy some privacy, and provide a safe place for kids and pets to romp by installing quality fencing.

We've Helped Hundreds of Clients Like You. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Request An Estimate.

We provide experienced system design and the highest quality installations for residential guttering.

High Quality & Affordable Window Repair Services.
Request A Service.Experienced Contractors

Roof Company in Dallas, Texas Fixing Consulting

When repairs are needed, it is important to find a roof company that is reliable and experienced. The roofers at our roof company have years of experience in roof repairs, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service possible.

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